Who To Train With?

With so many permanent makeup and aesthetics trainers and training centres around nowadays, how do you choose who to go with? Its like a minefield out there! With a vast experience of re-training many therapists after bad they’ve had experiences, I’ve decided to put together a questions and few pointers for you to consider when booking a course, which will hopefully prevent you from having to pay twice and also wasting your time.

Who is your trainer?

You need to do your research on the trainer and find the answers to the following questions… How long have they been in the industry, how often are they performing this treatment, does their work look good, what teaching qualifications do they have, how long have they been teaching, what reviews are available?

Speak to them on the phone

Speaking to somebody over the phone can often give you a good (or bad) feel for someone. Your training is only as good as your trainer. They’ll be the ones taking you through this course and sharing their knowledge and experience with you! A good mentor will support you post-training too.

How long is the course for?

1 day? 5 days? Compare courses with others, if one is offering a 2-day course and one is offering 6-days, this may give you an indication of how much content you’re potentially missing!

Do you want to leave feeling confident and fully informed?

What qualification do you get at the end? Can you get your insurance? What insurance companies cover the course, who accredits the course, who recognises the course. Does your local council accept this level of training to issue your licence.

Whats included for the price?

Look at kit contents. Are they reputable good quality products and where does the machine come from? How long should it last you, what needle cartridges does it take, what guarantee does it come with? Your tools are an important part of your training!

Price will also reflect on times

Check this with the length of the course and ask what on-going support you’ll receive post-course. It goes without saying that “cheap isn’t always best!”

How many students in a class?

If there’s a big class, how many tutors to a student? Will you receive enough support & 121 attention… or will you be lost in a large group. Any good trainer will only accept a small group of people to allow enough care, tuition and attention.

How many practical sessions will you get?

Is it enough to feel confident? How many case studies are required before assessment?

Again – what aftercare do you get?

When can you contact your trainer after completing the course and how? Do they offer free sessions if you’re struggling or will this be chargeable? Do they offer ongoing mentoring, advice, access to Facebook groups etc…?


You’ve just gone into a new career, how do you market yourself and get the clients? Is this covered in your course, is marketing material provided and what other business services are offered?

Why train with Layla Hinchen?

If there’s one thing I’m passionate about, it’s good quality teaching. Not only am I a practising therapist, I am also trained and qualified to teach at assessors level.

On any of my classes, I guarantee you my undivided attention throughout the whole day, full explanations and demonstrations and to make sure you leave me feeling confident. It doesn’t end there, once trained; you’ll always have ongoing support from me when ever you need it.

We only teach with top quality, award winning products to allow you to deliver the best possible treatments. All of our courses are accredited and recognised by insurance companies.

Flirties trainees have the added benefit of a free listing on our therapist finder, along with access to our secret VIP Facebook Group. Here you can call upon the knowledge of 15 experienced trainers, along with hundreds of other therapists. The group is always being updated with tips, tricks, blogs and updated training information ensuring your knowledge stays current.

Should you ever find yourself struggling after training, you are more than welcome to come back in and spend a day with us free of charge! We want you to succeed!