Microblading or Permanent Makeup?

Microblading, semi permanent makeup, digital blading, nano blading, permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation… so many names, so many myths – so lets clear up some confusion!

“Microblading doesn’t last as long” – FALSE!

All of the above are forms of tattooing. None are semi permanent. Yes, they will gradually fade due to the pigments used (unlike traditional tattoo ink) but there are no guarantees any will completely leave the skin 100%, so don’t be fooled into thinking one lasts longer than the other! This will be down to the skill of your technician and their depth, not the tool used.

“Microblading doesn’t go as deep” – FALSE!

As a technician, we are all aiming to implant pigment into the basal layer of your skin. Any higher, it doesn’t last much longer than a week or two, much deeper and you’ll find yourself with a super bold, lovely blue-grey brow, still there many years later! Whether using a machine or a blade, we should all be working at the same depth.

“Microblading is more natural” – FALSE!

Fine, hairstroke brows are possible with both a blade and machine. It’s just a style/technique. Once again, how natural they look is all down to the skill of your technician, not the tool used. A good technician can achieve a natural result with any tool once they have mastered their craft.

“Permanent makeup is heavy and block brows” – FALSE!

As mentioned above, this is down to skill and techniques. Machine work offers a much wider variety with many style options from strokes, to ombre, combination, powder, etc.

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m a machine girl all the way! Microblading isn’t new, its been around way longer than machine work, however, due to the massive increase in cheap training courses launching left right and centre over the last few years, it has became super popular, super fast! Its the “buzzword” right now and many clients come to me automatically thinking hair strokes are microblading because they don’t know any different.

Unfortunately, along with these short, cheap training courses, trainers are teaching with little to no experience or understanding themselves and potential students have no idea what they are looking for from the courses. With clever marketing, the whole concept of microblading or permanent makeup has been lost with a lot of false information given. For some reason, microblading isn’t taken as seriously as machine work, clients are misinformed and left with absolute disasters across their faces. I’m doing more corrections than new treatments at the minute!

Microblading can be a lot more traumatic on the skin than a digital machine, often leading to scarring after a few treatments yet clients think they are going for the less invasive/less permanent option. For me, I will always, only ever use a machine. Less trauma, more precision and control and far more techniques to suit different skin types. Blading is not suitable for everyone, neither are strokes wether a blade or machine is used.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing microblading technicians out there – doing an amazing job, however microblading takes years and alot of skill to master, so these techs are now very few and far between.

Just please don’t think one is less permanent than the other… it’s utter rubbish!

So who do you choose to tattoo your face?!

  1. Always research your technician and make sure you can see lots of healed results. There can be a huge difference from those lovely pictures you see online.
  2. Make sure the pictures you see are actually their work!
  3. Do you like their style of work? As artists we all work differently.
  4. Do they have reviews/testimonials from past clients?
  5. Are they licensed/insured?
  6. Are you offered a free consultation & patch test?
  7. Pricing should be at the bottom of your list!

I also wouldn’t recommend anyone who offers these treatments as a mobile service. Most local authorities do not allow this to start, not to mention your treatment should be carried out in a sterile environment – we are after all breaking the skin remember! Don’t risk it!

I hope that helps, we have some super talented artists here in Essex offering both procedures so theres no excuse. 😉

Layla xx