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Layla Hinchen’s Hornchurch-based clinic resides within the London Borough of Havering

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With PMU treaements growing so popular in recently years, there’s no wonder why there are so many Permanent Makeup Artists operating within the London Boroughs. Find out how Layla Hinchen can help you achieve your PMU Goals…

Beautiful crimson lips, neatly arched brows, and smudged but effective eyeliner. Permanent makeup guarantees that your makeup will remain in place during your busy day, your workout, your night out on the town, and even when you wake up. If you’re looking in into Permanent makeup in London, then Layla Hinchen’s Hornchurch-based clinic in the London Borough of Havering is an excellent choice.

Semi-Permanent Makeup in London

Micropigmentation and semi-permanent makeup are both terms used to describe the cosmetic enhancement process known as permanent makeup. All of these procedures are technically cosmetic tattooing, however, they differ greatly from conventional tattooing in significant ways and are not to be confused with artwork tattoos which you see every day. Traditional tattooing involves going considerably deeper and using different hues; this makes tattoo ink inappropriate for the delicate skin on the face. 

Have you ever wondered how PMU is applied? A specialist PMU machine is used to implant hypoallergenic, pharmaceutical-grade pigments beneath the skin’s surface. To restore a full natural brow, artists draw thin lines that mimic hair and then micro-weave them into the client’s own hairs. Artists can even design an entire brow in a single sitting by combining the results of many hair strokes.

Permanent makeup pigments, which can be either mineral or organic, are meant to fade over time and a touch-up procedure known as a “colour boost” can be performed to restore the original intensity of colour as well as the contouring and highlighting effects.

Permanent Makeup Treatments in London

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup in London

Permanent Lip Makeup in London

Permanent Eyeliner Makeup in London

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Permanent Makeup Training London

As a being known as one of London’s top permanent makeup artists, Layla Hinchen also offers permanent makeup training to students in London. Layla believes that one of the best parts of her job is seeing how it can change people’s confidence, and now you can offer the same treatments too.

Permanent makeup training in London is a great avenue for those wanting to get into the beauty industry and we can provide excellent training at our Hornchurch clinic. By the time you’re finished, you’ll know just how to carry out microblading and much more, and you’ll have the right certification to prove it and move forward in your career. See our website for more details. 

PMU London

Frequently Asked Questions

Permanent makeup, or PMU, is when a small amount of pigment is put into the skin, either by hand or with a machine. Permanent makeup is basically a tattoo that looks like makeup and enhances a certain part of your face, like nice brows with an eyebrow tattoo London or a clear lash line.

Please make sure you research Permanent makeup artists to see if they carry the correct accreditations and insurance, also remember to ask to see their previous work.

Anyone carrying out permanent makeup should have themselves and their premises registered with their local council and follow all bylaws to comply with health and safety.

Permanent Makeup is an art and it’s highly personal. Layla Hinchen has clients travelling form all across London to her Hornchurch clinic. We encourage you to do your research and choose an artist based on their skills and not because they are the closest to where you live.

Come to us with an idea of what you want and we will help you select the correct permanent makeup procedure to suit your face shape, skin colour, hair colour and lifestyle.

 On the day of your appointment, don’t put on any makeup. Don’t take aspirin or any other medicine that thins your blood on the day of your appointment to avoid problems. We will run through all of this during your consultation appointment.

Microblading is done with a cosmetic tattooing technique and our unique eyebrow pigmentation skills. The result is eyebrows that look soft and natural. When we put pigment into the skin, it looks more natural than even makeup that is put on the surface.

Layla herself is an artist and has many years of experience in the PMU industry with clients travelling from far across the UK for her permanent makeup treatments.