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Lip Tattooing

Permanent Lip Makeup in Essex

Permanent Makeup for lips is a fantastic service used for a multitude of reasons. Lip tattooing can restore lost vermillion borders giving a fuller, more defined look to the lips. It can be used to create volume on the lips as well as adding colour. Colours can vary from a super soft, natural nude right up to a bright red to replicate a lipstick look, the possibilities are endless and we work with you to ensure your desired colour and finish is achieved.

Using advanced technology and techniques, pigment is carefully placed into the upper layers of the skin, similar to a tattoo but more gentle.

Fed up with applying lip liners and lipstick throughout your day? Get that effortless colour and definition that will last you 24/7, 365!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does getting permanent lip hurt?

No! Contrary to belief, getting permanent lip should not be painful when performed correctly. It should not be placed deep into the skin, and we rarely encounter any bleeding. At Layla Hinchen Permananet Makeup & Aesthetics, we use a very gentle approach here and specialize in the more natural-looking techniques, as detailed below.

How long does permanent lip tattooing take?

We allow 2-3 hours for your eyebrow appointment which includes pre-drawing, colour selection, tattooing and aftercare. It's not a treatment that should be rushed, and whilst softer techniques do take a little more time, the healed results are simply beautiful.

How long does permanent lip makeup last?

Depending on your chosen lip makeup finish, clients tend to return for a colour boost between 1-3 years. Softer finishes or lighter colours will fade faster than the darker, higher saturated finishes.

What permanent lip makeup style is right for me?

During your free consultation, we will discuss all options available and give our recommendation on which lip makeup tattoo technique would work best for your skin and desired finish.We have detailed a few of our lip treatment types below.

Lip Treatments
Super soft


This is a super soft, borderless technique created by Layla herself. The InvisiLip® was designed to add a subtle flush of colour to the lips, where a completely natural finish is our goal.

Perfect for those that do not wish to have a strong, defined finish. Nobody will ever know you’ve had your lips tattooed!

It’s not suitable for clients where the natural lip border needs restoring or where a lip needs balancing as this technique does not include lip lining.

More definition


This is a shading technique with a little more saturation and definition compared to the InvisiLip®. Lips are first outlined to restore and define the natural lip border. Shading can be carefully placed to achieve the appearance of a fuller lip and blended into the centre.

Perfect for those that want a slightly stronger finish, or added definition to the natural lip.

It’s suitable for all skin types and all variations of natural lips.

It’s suitable for all skin types and all variations of natural eyebrows and brow hair.

Vivid colour


LipFix is perfect for those that want a full-on, vivid all-over even colour.

LipFix includes an outline and dense shade throughout the whole lip to replicate a lipstick finish. Its important to remember, tattoo pigments sit UNDER the skin, where as lipstick sits on top of the skin, so If you are a daily lipstick wearer, please bare in mind tattooing never fully replaces this finish.

Lipfix is suitable for all skin types and variations of natural lips.

Price List

Permanent Lip Makeup

Annual Colour Boost

Which artist should I choose for my Permanent Lip Makeup?

Permanent Lip Makeup is an art, and whilst we all use the same equipment, techniques and products here, each artist carries their own unique style. We would strongly suggest looking at an artist’s work to ensure you like their style and finish. Our artists are priced based on experience.


Director, PMU Artist & Master Educator

Layla specialises in InvisiLip® and softer finishes. You can book in with Layla for an InvisiLip® or a soft LipShade.


Permanent Makeup Artist, Skincare Specialist & PMU Trainer

Claire specialises in shading and offers all lip techniques, soft or bold it’s her speciality and passion so you are in safe hands.


Permanent Makeup & Lash Artist
Carly is great at applying herself to each individual and accommodating your requests, she specialises in LipShade.


Permanent Makeup & Makeup Artist
Ellie is soon to be offering lips so stay tuned for some special offers coming up!


Permanent Makeup Artist

Like Claire, Abi specialises in shading and offers all lip techniques, soft or bold it’s her speciality and passion so you are in safe hands.

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