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Everyone knows how much of a difference eyebrows can make to your face, and in the last few years permanent eyebrow have become bigger than ever. Anyone who requires emphasis of their brows will love this procedure. No more brow pencils every morning!

Perfect for:

– Sparse or no brow hair due to over plucking or Alopecia
– Unbalanced brows
– If you want a more defined look
– To lift the eyes by adjusting the brow arch
– Natural or powdered finish


The eyes are the focal point of the face and our most expressive feature – so make the most of them! From subtle to dramatic, eyelash enhancements and eyeliner can dramatically define the eyes creating a smudge free, long lasting look with ease.

Perfect for:

– Anyone wishing to add definition to the eyes
– Sensitivities to makeup
– Anyone who has difficulty applying eyeliner
– Contact lense wearers
– Emphasising eye colours

Eyeliner Main

Semi permanent make up is an excellent way of enhancing the shape and colour of your lips. Your lips will look contoured, defined and more shapely.

This procedure will also help reduce lipstick bleed, ensuring that your lips remain perfect at all times!

Perfect for:

– Adding volume to thin lips
– Correcting poor / uneven shape
– Adding symmetry
– Camouflage scars
– Stoping lipstick bleed
– Adding colour to enhance lips

Li-Ft Tattoo Removal Image

New to Layla Hinchen

Li-Ft Tattoo Removal


Li-Ft Tattoo Removal Prices


  Layla Claire Carly
Super soft, light shadow colour behind your natural brow
£395 £345 £245
For more defined powder or ombré finish
£395 £345 £245
Fine hairstrokes for a realistic finish
£395 £345 £245
A combination of strokes and shading
£395 £345 £245


Super soft, light shaddow colour through your lashes
£295 £245 £145
For a classic or smokey eyeliner finish
£345 £295 £195
The ultimate of eyeliners, winged to sharp or smokey finish
£395 £345 £245
LowerLiner Only
£295 £245 £145
LowerLiner with Top
£95 £95 £95


Super soft, transparent flash of colour through the lips
£395 £345 £245
3D LipShade
3D shading for fuller lip and visible colour
£395 £345 £245
Full and intense lip colour
£395 £345 £245

Annual Colour Boost

Annual Colour Boost £245 £195 £125

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